FAVIS and misinformation

The impartial information from Ethan Garbo, AKA Sonia Ghinelli, vice-president of FAVIS

It is interesting to notice, that Sonia Ghinelli/Ethan Garbo has been relaying through her Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ethan.garbos.germain?fref=ts) for years, any possible news report telling about sexual abuse against an underage boy or girl, especially if occurred within the Catholic Church or committed by a priest.

However, if one were to analyze her Facebook timeline, would never find any single article mentioning abuses committed within a gay couple or lesbian or so-called LGBT (an Anglo-Saxon acronym for lesbian, gay, bisex and transgender/transsexual).

Yet if one were to look around the Internet, would not take a very long time to find one and statistically speaking, it seems unreal that such abuses on underaged people, that do happen in all sorts of social and familial environments, never happen amongst LGBT people instead.

This would trigger a suspect, that Sonia Ghinelli/Ethan Garbo, systematically avoids to reissue those news reports, that she certainly knows, recounting of abuses on underage boys and girls within gay couples, possibly because she wants to defend that category or at least not sully it.

We don’t want to seem to be doing a homophobic criticism, we are not, we are instead criticizing the way Sonia Ghinelli/Ethan Garbo makes her (mis)information.

It doesn’t seem to be a correct behavior, especially on the part of someone like her, so “thorough” and always ready to expose and inform about all alleged abuses, apparently at 360 degrees.

Perhaps a logical explanation can be found just by observing her Facebook profile: it is in fact not difficult to notice her support to gay/lesbian or LGBT groups.

Ethan Garbo / Sonia Ghinelli

In this sense, one would recall the statements done by Mr. Fabio Alessandrini – son of the FAVIS President, Mr. Maurizio Alessandrini, and of Mrs. Patrizia Fungi, another member of FAVIS and (per Fabio’s statements) the fiancée of Sonia Ghinelli/Ethan Garbo – which Fabio released some years ago to a TV media based in the Rimini area; in that occasion, Fabio also stated that between his mother Patrizia Fungi and Sonia Ghinelli/Ethan Garbo an affair started, which is likely to be lasting still today considering that the two women seem to live in the same home. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=og2t_vAOlkk&t=631s al minuto 4,30)

In the same interview, Fabio Alessandrini also asserted that his mother (Patrizia Fungi), when he was a very young boy, made him watch sexual intercourse between herself and the man who was her fiancée at that time. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=og2t_vAOlkk&t=631s al minuto 10,35).

In that interview, Fabio doesn’t specify whether he was involved in those acts, yet the incident doesn’t seem to be less severe than those Sonia Ghinelli/Ethan Garbo regularly exposes from her Facebook page.

These facts are abuses to be made known, too, and Sonia Ghinelli/Ethan Garbo, if she really were coherent and wishing to relay real information about all abuses, should so adjust her way to make information, becoming more coherent and intellectually honest and thus also relay those news that might touch and/or affect her own orientation or personal tenets, without attempting to drive the attention of those people, who follow her, elsewhere.


23 march 2017