FAVIS and misinformation

The impartial information from Ethan Garbo, AKA Sonia Ghinelli, vice-president of FAVIS

It is interesting to notice, that Sonia Ghinelli/Ethan Garbo has been relaying through her Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ethan.garbos.germain?fref=ts) for years, any possible news report telling about sexual abuse against an underage boy or girl, especially if occurred within the Catholic Church or committed by a priest.

SAS & FAVIS — a paradox

The SAS “protects the people from satanic sects”, but who will protect them from their own representatives?

FAVIS and its arguable activities – part two

They are the instigators of reiterated persecutory actions, continuous vexations, threats and outrageous insults.

loghi affiliati e amici del forum anti-sette

Grievances will come up for this article, too, it’s inevitable. Usually a wrongdoer doesn’t want to be unmasked.

FAVIS and its arguable activities – part one

In addition to create (inventing) an unfounded social alarm by spreading false statistics and anonymously filing complaints with police forces, they infiltrate into religious groups to bring damage to them and act covertly using false identities.

FECRIS, a subversive group in the heart of Europe

They run from France a network spread in tens of countries

French politicians and anti-cultists are trying to harm civil rights in Italy (and in other several countries) through FECRIS. French funds used to conduct an endless campaign of incitement against religions throughout Europe. These same characters and groups (now affiliated members of FECRIS) who used to kidnap people for “deprogramming” purpose, are now organized as a specialized group of libelers.

The Anti-cults Forum and Danilo Speranza

The case of Danilo Speranza and R.E. MAYA – who are the victims and who are the executioners? If, as recognized by the same Anti-cult Forum, our papers are true, what should we think about this umpteenth media/judicial sham?

The Anti-Cult Forum- “Libero Credo tells the truth”

Finally admitting it’s all true

The documents show that the Anti-Cult Forum and their friends are engaging in unlawful activities, behaving dishonestly and spreading false information to create alarm and to injure the rights enshrined in the Constitution. It’s enough to read them without even taking into account our comments to understand it. The Forum now admits the authenticity of the documents. Failure to prosecute them, would be an omission of duty.

Stop those voices from talking

Silencing dissenters by force.

Do SAS and Anti-cults Forum abuse law enforcement agencies to prevent freedom of thought and expression of those who dissent from their works?

For decades now, the so-called “anti-cults” groups are conducting a social scaremongering campaign on the alleged “danger of cults”. It hasn’t been always like that, in the little catholic Italy of the after-war years up to for the most of 1970s there was almost no talk of cults.

MISA Yoga, Anti-cults Forum and SAS

A fully-planned judiciary investigation

Once again the anti-cults forum uses anonymous complaints to instigate judicial processes. Once again time the SAS , funded by taxpayers, works to damage the most sacred constitutional rights. Once again the anti-cults forum sets on the hate and discrimination based on the orders of FECRIS.

Anti-cult Forum and kidnapping – Act 3 and conclusion

Anti-cult lobbyism

They carry out media campaigns creating a social alarm against religious minorities. They cause incidents to justify the reintroduction of the Fascist crime of plagiarism. They manipulate legal cases causing devastating patrimonial damages and enormous human sufferings, destroying the lives of thousands of people. They are the anti-cult world’s lobbyists.


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