Anti-cult Forum and kidnapping – Act 2

Kidnapping is lawful

A farce-investigation where the plaintiff gets investigated, while the anti-cultists/kidnappers don’t, and provide the magistrates with “advice”. Chronicle of a rigged acquittal.

We suggest you reading the previous article (Anti-cult Forum and kidnapping – Act 1) for a better understanding of the vicissitude we are reporting.

Anti-cult Forum and kidnapping – Act 1

A past to forget

The members of the Anti-Cult Forum lying, deny ties with their founders engaged in violent and illegal practices. They deny having to do with kidnapping aimed to achieve abjuration with violence. But they justify them by saying that the judges have acquitted them.

Anti-Cult Squad, anti-cult groups and mental manipulation

State avails itself of private groups
to persecute religious groups

What the establishment of the S.A.S. (Anti-Cult Squad) has to do with the endless attempts of certain anti-cult groups to reintroduce the Fascist crime punishing the mental manipulation? Is it the S.A.S. using the anti-cult groups to get the crime of mental manipulation reintroduced in the legal system or vice versa?

Falsifying statistics to scaremonger

The scaremongering propaganda campaigns
of “anti-cult” groups

Is it correct to base on the numbers given by the associations that oppose non-traditional religious movements to judge their actions without any other evidences? Is it correct that the Government listens to these campaigns and uses their data to violate civil rights sanctioned by constitution? Is the confidence, which is attributed to them, also requiring use of public money, well placed?

State Alarm

The 1998 Ministerial Report on “cults”

Are the media campaign and the legislative initiatives targeting some religious movements the product of an accurate and scientific analysis? Or, instead, are there special interests taking undue advantage from State structures for questionable purposes? And the State lends itself and contributes to amplify this alarm with questionable, to say the least, initiatives.

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