MISA Yoga, Anti-cults Forum and SAS

A fully-planned judiciary investigation

Once again the anti-cults forum uses anonymous complaints to instigate judicial processes. Once again time the SAS , funded by taxpayers, works to damage the most sacred constitutional rights. Once again the anti-cults forum sets on the hate and discrimination based on the orders of FECRIS.

This is the documented report on the origin of a judicial event still going, caused by the undeserved influence of the Anti-cults Forum and the SAS (Anti-cults Squad of the Ministry of  Internal Affairs).

The method is the same as the anonymous complaints described in the article “Anonymous complaints” and “Other anonymous complaints”. To understand the relationship between Anti-cults Forum and SAS read the article “Anti-cults Squad, anti-cults group and mental manipulation”.

The target of their action is a Yoga school called MISA (Movement for the Spiritual Integration in the Absolute). Before this event, few Italians knew knew very little of this school and even SAS and associations in the Anti-cults Forum.

Even the writer doesn’t know much of MISA and their activities, just what we learned visiting their official website www.yogaesoteric.net. From other sources we learned that they lived troublesome judicial events in other nations and their founder Gregorian Bivolaru got in jail and persecuted for years in communist and post-communist Romania, then he got shelter as political refugee in Sweden. His battle of 40 years is described with details in his personal website: www.gregorianbivolaru.net.

In Italy few newspapers wrote about MISA or Bivolaru till few months ago when suddenly they got in the news for the intervention of the Florence Substitute Prosecutor Angela Pietroiusti who started the penal proceeding nr 4858/12 and initiated a broad police action against MISA.

At the dawn of 6th of December 2012 the Operating Team (Squadra Mobile) in collaboration with SAS Florence, broke into the private houses of 25 Italian citizens and foreign residents in Italy, connected in various fashions to the School of Yoga affiliated to MISA from Romania, and even in the private houses of family members and friends. Of those, 18 are still investigated, while the others were considered people informed of the facts.

Hundreds of documents of yoga courses were seized , all teachers and coordinators computers, cellular phones, audio-video material, books and personal diaries. And even they got mug-biometric shots from every investigated.

The decree of search and seizure talks about criminal conspiracy, prostitution, pornography, enslavement and sexual violence. Alleged crimes very severe that it is supposed are proved with founded proofs and witnesses. We got and read the decree of Pietroiusti but, aside from the worrying journalistic news that are present on the Internet, we didn’t read anything that convinced us.

Here is the transcription of the entire text:


 The Public prosecutor’s office
Court of Florence



N. 4858/12 RGNR mod 21 DDA


The Public Prosecutor Angela Pietroiusti, after seeing the deeds of the proceeding against:

Z.R. + altri,


 For the crimes as in articles 416, 600, 601, 609 bis committed in Florence and somewhere else still now in action, for which there is severe evidence gotten from the investigations done by the Operating Team of the central police station of Florence – 1 SCO , reported through informative dispatches in the deeds.

The investigations done up till now induce to consider that the investigated persons all belong to a group, guided by Bivolaru Gregorian that, under the appearance of various cultural associations practicing MISA yoga disciplines and pronged in various cities abroad and in Italy, seems devoted to criminal activities: signally, the reduction and maintainment to slavery and following traffic of women, through initiation and indoctrination of those and supposed yoga practices to wake up femininity and sensuality and, as a consequence, sexual violence to those initiated, done abusing the state of psychic inferiority induced in them previously.

It’s not coincidence that , from researches done by General Prosecutor working, it resulted that MISA Yoga, Grieg Bivolaru and association Yoga Misa have been radiated from the membership of EYA (European Yoga Alliance) and WYC (World Yoga Council) in 2008.

From the study of the evidentiary material gathered till now and summarized in the note of the Operating Team of Central Police Station of Florence nr 1000-40 dated 03-01-12, we could progressively assess that:

The role absolutely prominent of BULIVARY, as guru of various associations, that, with the help of his primary collaborator, Mihai Stoian and the teachers responsible for the various centers Atman, Satyasvara, Tripura Sundari all belonging to MISA, deployed in Italy, provide to indoctrinate systematically the students of association with his personal teachings, with the purpose of recruiting them and starting them on prostitution activities and pornography. That purpose is realized through meetings with the guru characterized by great secrecy and confidentiality, and above all by conditions of real physical segregation (realized even with misappropriation of SIM cards of cellular phones of students), during which the same students, conveniently selected through presentation of photos in bathing suit and blood exams, are “initiated” through sexual acts with Bivolaru and following sessions where it is asked to those to exibit in lesbian-orgy performance. Those performances are filmed and put in the pornographic market. Propedaeutic for the meeting with Bivolaru and for a following initiation of the female students “most deserving” at prostitution, at erotic chats, at pornography market are the international meetings, where it is required to the participants to bring photos in bathing suit and blood analysis for HIV and VDRL. Furthermore the publication of the meetings by the instructors towards the students resulted centred mostly on Shakti courses, addressed exclusively to the women and finalized particularly to develop and encourage the sexuality.

Since there is founded reason to believe that in the house of ZR, born in ……….., with old domicile….. and even in the cars and or all the places that are or result in availability, even partial or occasional, of the above person, even for interposed person, to be individuated in concrete by the proceeding General Prosecutor, and even on their people and the others present or that could be happened during the execution of the act, can be found and acquired films, photos, agendas, manuscript documents, mails, even the documentation included in computer or whatever else computer support useful as a proof in order to the crimes for which it is proceeding now and to identify the eventual other subjects concurrent in the crimes.

In consideration of articles 247 and following

  • the search of people and premises as above specified , with following seizure of what found, linked to the crimes for which it is proceeding, at the senses of art. 252 Criminal Procedure Code.
  • that copy of this decree is given to the interested if present or to who has the actual availability of places, with advice that they have faculty to be assisted by confidence person as long as he is immediately available and suitable at senses of art 120 Criminal Procedure Code.


 As said before, apart from what we found on Internet, we don’t know in what the MISA Yoga courses consist of and if Gregorian Bivolaru is a saint or a criminal, so this article doesn’t want to be a defense of that movement or an apology of their creed ad activity.

We’re certain of one thing: the decree above doesn’t convince us at all. It contains news valid maybe for a romance or a gossip newspaper, but it doesn’t give for sure elements that let evaluate the foundation of a police repressive action as broad as almost the entire nation, with relative and sacrosanct mediatic coverage of the same amplitude.

The news on Bivolaru and MISA contained in the measure are the same scandalistic news that are found in internet and that, if on one side could make people cautious or curious,  on the other side can’t be enough to start a judicial proceeding against Italian citizens or foreigners, unless there are true news of crime regarding our republic.

Even if the “informed” media, even if it slavishly retrace the line of the inquisitors and of the internet gossip, let intend that the crime news pertinent are little thing. Indeed, the day after the police raid of 6th December 2012, Anti-cults Forum published on FAVIS blog an article from The Nation titled “The cult of Yoga, tantric sex for liberation: witnesses talk” (http://favisonlus.wordpress.com/2012/12/12/la-setta-dello-yoga-sesso-tantrico-per-liberazione-parlano-i-testimoni/) that, with other things, wrote that it has been “Collected two sues of victims enfranchised with difficulty of the ‘cult’ of deviated Yoga , the police is interrogating first witnesses, about 10. Somebody feels relieved from lived experience, somebody doesn’t repudiate it, somebody else still doesn’t realize. But the reports of everyone seem to reinforce the adversary thesis (underlining and bold type added).

The reporter that wrote this article the 11th of December 2012, five days after the searches and seizures, and reported that it has been “Collected two sues” and that “first witnesses (were) 10” and that their reports “seem to reinforce the adversary thesis”. We think it’s a bit few to do searches of houses of 25 people and charge 18 for criminal conspiracy, prostitution, pornography, enslavement and sexual violence.

If, in addition to listening to mediatic gossips, the alarmism of Anti-cults Forum and the fallacious relations of SAS the prosecutor Pietroiusti would have done a serious research , she would have find out that Bivolaru:

  • In 2005 he asked for and obtained political asylum at Sweden: Stockholm court rejected the query of extradition by Romania Government since “he would not have received an equal process in Romania”
  • In 2010 he was acquitted in Romania from all the accusations (the same that Pietroiusti is now supposing) in first grade (Sibiu Court) and even in appeal (Appeal Courd of Alba Iulia)
  • In 2011 he won a dispute (Bucarest Court decision) where it has been acknowledged that he has been a political persecuted in the years of communist regime of Ceaucescu.
  • In 2012 various Europarliament members asked clarifications at Romanian Justice Minister, and the Europarliament member Italian Rita Borsellino (www.ritaborsellino.it) presented an interrogation at European Parliament on question regarding the ongoing process in front of Romanian Cassation.
  • A Romanian Generalo f Military Prosecutor office, Dan Voinea, acknowledged how the attacks at MISA School and Grieg are the consequence of a political order, and he said that in an interview that is on Youtube, with Italian subtitles: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rFfb-qfUDs

Even towards the MISA Yoga School, the sweden Court, before granting political asylum at Bivolaru, availed of some experts that evaluated if MISA should be considered a dangerous cult or not, in particular:

  • The best Sweden cults expert, Karl Eryk Nylund and
  • The Swedish research center on spiritual movements SKOP that declared that MISA is a spiritual pacific movement and that there aren’t dangerous elements or manipulators inside.

Furthermore there are just five open dossiers on “MISA case” and his persecution at European Court of Human Rights at Strasbourg

But it’s not just, not even mostly, the abnormality of this inquiry that doesn’t convince us, but it is the fact that, as we were saying at the beginning of the article, this inquiry had a different origin from the one declared in the acts of the proceeding and from the one that the news report.

Now let’s get to the point.

Obviously, the Anti-cults Forum published on FAVIS blog a lot of articles appeared on the police raid of December 2012. In particular it published one that referred that the inquiry started from Florence Public Prosecutor’s Office and on which SAS men are investigating.

This is already a first clue of how really went. Let’s go on.

In the same article Alessandrini informed even FECRIS, European federation of anti-cults of which Anti-Cults Forum is part, dealt with MISA and, during a conference financed by government, in France the 13th of October 2012 it gave space at the deposition of an ex member of MISA. We cite it because it will be seen afterwards even the involvement of FECRIS in the Italian affair.

Cecilia TizThe worst opponent of Gregorian Bivolaru and of MISA Yoga, or at least the more noisy is an ex teacher of MISA Cecilia Tiz that, as someone told to us, she has been thrown out for immoral behaviours. She lives in Germany and recently she got condemned for slender and warned on repeating the offensive behaviours and declarations towards MISA, Gregorian Bivolaru and his followers, otherwise she’ll be fined up to 250.000 €.

In Romania even the owners of an website hostile to the school have been condemned (www.exmisa.net); they promptly opened another website (www.exmisa.org). 90% of that website is published by one single person, Cecilia Tiz.

It’s worth noting that even the great majority of the other articles present in internet are articles written by Tiz, or her interviews. Newspapers continue to use again the information that come from the same source. Tiz, working with FECRIS and other anti-cult associations, of various nations, spreads alarmistic news to authorities and media of various nations to set them on against the associations that teach yoga with MISA method; she did it in Germany, France, Finland, Austria, Island, India, Switzerland, ecc.

It seems that the same mechanism is at the origin of actual Italian affairs of MISA and the pertaining mediatic campaign. Lets see the details.

Up to one year ago, Italian Anti-cults Forum heard about MISA Yoga only from the e-mails that FECRIS sent to associations in various nations, here’s one from president Friedrich Griess:

testo email fecris

Summarizing, like an orwellian big brother, Griess informed associations linked to FECRIS, like FAVIS, CESAP, ARIS Tuscany and ARIS Veneto, that Bivolaru used another name and gave his complete Swedish address.

Up to that point, the information from Italian Anti-cults Forum on MISA yoga and Bivolaru were limited to english letters that sometimes Griess sent to various members. The only “measure” that Italian Anti-cults Forum took regarding to that was a laborious reading of emails with the use of Google translator.

Afterwards, in October 2011, Cecilia Tiz made the scene with an email sent to Anti-cults Forum from the usual Griess


testo email fecris/Tiz-Favis

For shortness sake, we avoid the full translation of the email and we just say that Griess received from Cecilia Tiz the request to activate the FECRIS associations to boycott the MISA conferences in various nations, thing that Griess did precisely sending the text to all federate associations.

Tiz wrote (underlined in the email) that since years she was writing to managers of cultural istitutions that were renting spaces to MISA, where it gives conferences, to advice them giving them the information on the subject.

Helped by Griess in this first contact, few days later Tiz sent to Italian Anti-cults Forum an email of 4 pages of which we publish an extract, asking to collaborate against MISA.

Subject: MISA – Romanians cult in Italy

Dear ladies and gentlemen
I just read this article on Yoga in Corriere del Mezzogiorno: …
At the end of it it’s mentioned the MISA organization and one of his branches in Italy.
I want to inform you with this email that there’s a hidden face of the organization above.
I’ve been a MISA student for 14 years and I’ve been Yoga teacher in the German branch of this so called yoga school for 5 years. I left the cult in 2005.
Since some years I’m trying to inform the public in and out Romania , and even the organizations and vips that support MISA , on the danger that this cult represents.
Here’s the interview that I and 2 other MISA ex students gave in July 2011 to the Romanian TV channel Antena 1 (subtitles in English):…

I’d like to thank you for your time dedicated for the reading of this email. I’m available for any other detail you think may help.

Best regards

testo email Tiz-Favis

Alessandrini of FAVIS thanked Cecilia Tiz in the name of Anti-culs Forum, admitted that they barely knew the existence of just one branch of MISA Yoga in Italy, afterwards he told her that he would transmit her data to Internal Affairs Minister.

Dear Cecilia, we thank you for the detailed information on this group-cult that we knew: we thought that it was operating with just 1 center in Italy. We’ll take care that your mail will be given to the Internal Affairs Minister.

We thank you very much for your high sense of responsibility and for your courage.

testo email Alessandrini-Tiz

Then, rapidly, Alessandrini called by phone directly Internal Affairs Minister and he talked no less than the highest manager of the SAS, Maria Carla Bocchino and he told her everything that he learned from Cecilia Tiz.

Few days after Tiz sent more data on the MISA activities in Italy and demanded that Alessandrini informed the press, and Emanuela Fontana from ARIS Toscana promptly did.

Dear Maurizio!
I’d like to inform you of another event organized by MISA in Genova (to advertise the organization) that starts tomorrow: the week of angels:..

Already in the first day the followers of MISA will explain one of the most recent obsessions of Bivolaru: “Supreme Tech for planet Earth”..

In the last years at the Romanian event , between the angels there were MISA students that were working on videochat:…
In the promotional video of this year I recognized two porno actors of the cult. They’re the angels and archangels of the cult.
Can you inform the press on this event?

testo email Tiz-Alessandrini

To finish with, Alessandrini informed Bocchino of SAS by e-mail, too.

Dear Bocchino
As I told you at the phone, I send you the first of the two mails received that informed us about the activity of this cultic organization
Best regards

testo email Alessandrini-Bocchino

Drs. Bocchino appointed the SAS Florence representatives at local central police station, Bruno Zambon and Carlo Benelli. The same that , after gathering the “criminal offence reports” coming from Cecilia Tiz and Anti-cults Forum, gave to the Public prosecutor Angela Pietroiusti the dossier on MISA starting the penal proceeding n 4858/12 that’s active now against 18 Italian followers of MISA Yoga.

We leave to the readers the duty of drawing a conclusion and evaluate if the inquiry on course did have or not a different origin from the one declared in the court proceeding acts and the one referred by the press.


2 may 2013