SAS & FAVIS — a paradox

The SAS “protects the people from satanic sects”, but who will protect them from their own representatives?

In a recent document retrieved from the Internet site of OSCE (Organization for the Security and Cooperation in Europe) that can be viewed at the following link: it is written that when required to provide clear information and specifics about this unit of the Italian police (SAS, Anti-cult Squad), the government replied that “the SAS exists in order to protect the people from satanic sects”.

The president of FAVIS (National Association of Families of Victims of Cults, based in Rimini) Maurizio Alessandrini, always claimed himself being a representative of SAS.

On 28 October 2016, the vice-president of FAVIS is Sonia Ghinelli, who on Facebook writes with the pseudonym Ethan Garbo S. Germain (plus others), has published a post about the “Satan’s Temple” (, praising this organization’s work. Perplexity didn’t wait to arise on the part of some friends of hers, but Sonia/Ethan promptly reassured them, stating that “they are good fellows.”

Lulla stai tranquilla

Already in October 2011, Fabio Alessandrini, son of the FAVIS president, Maurizio Alessandrini, in an interview he released to a local TV network based in Romagna, told that it was exactly Sonia Ghinelli/Ethan Garbo who was interested in esoteric/occult practices, and to exert self-harm; Fabio also defined her as a person who had a lot of trouble and was even marginalized by her own family who had committed her to a community in the Rimini area. (see here and here).

Such passion of Sonia Ghinelli/Ethan Garbo for esotericism/occultism, about whom Fabio told in the interview of October 2011 (that someone tried to depict as an attempt to discredit FAVIS and Sonia Ghinelli), was also confirmed by a member of FAVIS itself (Daniela Pasian, FAVIS representative for Veneto) who probably ignoring being filmed when she had been sent by FAVIS to the home of Fabio in order to convince him to go back home, recalled to Fabio’s memory about a blood bond between Fabio and Sonia, stating: “Fabio, Fabio, Fabio… Sonia told me to greet you. You know how she loves you, don’t you? Fabio, say, do you remember when you made a blood bond with her? Fabio, a blood bond will last forever…”

If one then were to take a look at the friends list on the Facebook profile of Sonia Ghinelli/Ethan Garbo S. Germain, would find as a friend Mr. Marco Dimitri, well known as being the leader of the Bambini di Satana (Children of Satan) movement.

dimitri - ghinelli facebook

Considering the justification given by the Italian Government representative at the OSCE (“the SAS exists in order to protect the people from satanic sects”) to uphold the need in Italy of a religious police, which of course already appears as a constitutional contradiction in itself, we would like to ask, how that public officer would reckon with the fact, that the SAS itself includes in its representatives the FAVIS president Maurizio Alessandrini and that, in FAVIS itself, the vice-president Sonia Ghinelli/Ethan Garbo S. Germain seems instead to have some affinity with the world of Satanism by supporting it “publicly”, in addition to be herself involved in “esoteric” rituals such as having made a rite (blood bond) to a then teenager Fabio Alessandrini, as confirmed by the FAVIS spokesman for Veneto, Daniela Pasian?


8 February 2017